Manage Your Healthcare Needs Online

You can now seek help from a medical professional using the links on this page.  This could be about a minor ailment, to contact one of our nurses or to discuss something with the doctor. 

You can also request medication or a fit-to-work note, register as a new patient or contact our reception team. 

Please note that some of our doctors are working remotely at present.  If you have a telephone appointment, the doctor you speak to may be working away from the surgery

Your Local Pharmacy can help you with common ailments such as colds, minor cuts, sprains, headaches and rashes.

Get Help with Minor Illness

You can request repeat medication here, either using your patient ID number or your name, address and date of birth.

Request a Repeat Prescription

Contact reception if you have a non-clinical query or would like to pass on some feedback

Contact Reception

You can contact a doctor for advice without having to wait on the phone.  Complete our simple form and a doctor will get back to you online or over the phone.

Get Help From a Doctor

The nurse can help with blood tests, vaccinations, family planning advice, wound management, cervical screening, ear irrigation, ECG's and health checks.

Get Help From a Nurse

You can ask for a fit-to-work/sick note for your employer using our online form.

Request a Fit-to-Work Note

Please click here if you are a new patient looking to register with the practice

New Patient Registration