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Order Repeat Prescriptions


During the COVID-19 pandemic, please only order your prescriptions in the usual way and usual quantity. There is no need to order more than usual even if you have to stay at home for several weeks. GPs have received strong advice not to issue increased quantities of medicines to patients, which will prevent the issue of panic buying that we have seen in supermarkets. 


You can use this form to submit a request for a repeat prescription.  You will need a copy of your repeat prescription slip, or an exact description of how you take your medicine, so that there is no confusion as to what you are ordering. 


You can give an optional e mail address - we would encourage you to do this as you will then receive a copy of your order and can check it is correct. We will not store your e mail address, and will only use it to contact you about this request, and only then if we cannot contact you any other way.


Requests will be picked up once daily at 9am and will then need to be processed.

Please then allow 3 full working days for your request to be processed (and please note that although we now host the extended hours surgeries at the weekends, we are not able to process or sign prescriptions at the weekend).


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