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Get fit and learn to play tennis - for free!

Those who have been part of the practice for a while will remember Dr Chris Jagger, who spent most of his working life as a GP at Binscombe until he retired a few years ago. Anyone who knew Chris will also know that 'retired' isn't something he was ever going to do quietly, and he continues to have a passion for helping people to stay healthy through exercise.

Chris has been working with the Godalming Lasw Tennis club for a number of years to try to make tennis an accessible, enjoyable exercise for all, and he has set up a new free tennis and fitness session at the club every Wednesday from 3pm to 4.15pm. Click here for more information, but the key thing is that all are welcome and no experience or kit is needed, other than soft shoes or trainers, as everything else is supplied. Why not give it a go?

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