At present, vaccinations for our patients are being carried out at either Cranleigh Village Hall or G-Live in Guildford. 

Appointments at these hubs are added according to deliveries being confirmed and often with only a few days' notice.  It is therefore most efficient to contact patients via telephone in the first instance as it allows us to arrange the appointment immediately.

Staff at the practice will call you once we receive approval from NHS England to start vaccinating your group.  We will leave a message or send you a text if we can't get hold of you.  If we are still unable to make contact we will write to you, (this will be directly from the practice).


Patients may also be sent a letter from NHS England; this will be an invitation to attend one of the larger vaccination centres, such as Epsom, or to book at a community pharmacy such as Direct Pharmacy in Guildford.  

Please note that you can only book at one of these centres if you have received a letter from NHSE.

You can decide where you would like to be vaccinated; if you receive a letter from NHSE but would rather be vaccinated in Cranleigh or Guildford, please wait until you are called by the practice.

In the future, we may be sending a text message to patients which contains a link allowing you to book at one of the hubs directly.  This is work in progress and we will update this page further when this goes live.  





UPDATED 14.05.2021 - Following the announcement that Covid vaccination status is available on the NHS App - please note that the practice is not able to provide patient with this information.  Please visit our news article for more information by clicking here

UPDATED 14.04.2021 - We are now arranging second vaccinations for patients who are due.  We are currently offering an appointment to patients who had their first jab 11 weeks ago.  As of today, we are inviting patients who had their first jab on or before 27th January.  We have a system in place to invite patients in order so please do not contact us to enquire about your second dose unless you had your first jab more than 11 weeks ago.

We have also been asked to submit details of patients aged between 45 and 49 for invitation to have their first jab, so if you are in that age group you will be invited very soon.  Again, please do not contact us - if you have a mobile number you will soon be sent a text with a link to book, and we will call you if you only have a home number listed on your record. 

UPDATED 01.04.2021 - We have been advised that adult household members living with patients who are severely immunosuppressed will now be eligible for the Covid vaccination.  At the moment the local centres are concentrating on second vaccinations and we do not have any slots to book first doses into.  With this in mind, we will start contacting patients who fit the criteria next week in order for them to identify to us who their household members are.  

UPDATED 24.03.2021 - We have been informed that Cranleigh and Haslemere vaccination hubs are offering walk-in appointments for anyone aged 50 and over or in an at-risk group.


These are for FIRST DOSES ONLY and details are as follows:


Cranleigh Village Hall (GU6 8AF)

Wednesday 24th March, Thursday 25th & Friday 26th 10am-3pm and Sunday 28th 9.30am-11.30am


St Christopher's Church, Haslemere (GU27 1BS)

Wednesday 24th March, 10am-12pm, Thursday 25th 10am-3.30pm and Friday 26th 10am-12pm


Appointments are on a first come, first served basis only.


Our phones are still busy with patients calling regarding their jab and this is stopping unwell patients from getting the help they need. Please check here for updates and avoid phoning us about this. Thank you.

UPDATED 15.03.2021 - We are now starting to invite patients who are aged 50 and above as well as completing the first vaccinations for our at-risk group.  If you receive a letter from NHS England before we contact you, you should book via the links in the letter to attend one of the large vaccination centres if you can.  These venues have greater capacity than the local sites so it may be quicker to take up the NHS England offer, but you are welcome to wait until you are invited if you would prefer to be vaccinated locally.

If you do book to go to one of the larger centres for your first vaccine, you should be able to book your second dose at the same time.  If your first dose was administered at one of the local sites, we will contact you to book your second jab.

UPDATED 09.03.2021 - We are working through the last of our patients who are over 65, or who are aged between 16 and 64 and in an at -risk group.  The government have advised that anyone aged 55 and over can book for their vaccination.  As soon as we have invited all of our at-risk patients we will start inviting patients aged 60 and over.  However, if you are aged 55 and above, you can be vaccinated at one of the larger centres.  You can book online by visiting Book a coronavirus vaccination - NHS ( or by calling 119.  If you want to be vaccinated at one of the local sites, you will be sent a link by text message or receive a telephone call once we move onto the next group of patients.

UPDATED 01.03.2021- We are still contacting patients who are aged 65 and over or who are in an at-risk group.  This is a large group of patients and we will not be able to move on to the next group (aged 60-64) until everyone in this group has been invited to have the vaccine.

Due to supply issues there have been less vaccination appointments over the past week but larger number of vaccines are expected from now on.  

We are also starting to contact patients to book their second dose - we are contacting patients who had their vaccine before Christmas at Haslemere at the moment.

We are still receiving an awful lot of calls from patients wanting their vaccination - this means unwell patients are unable to get through on the phone.  Please do not call us unless we have left you a message asking you to do so.  We will call you when it is time to have the vaccine.


UPDATED 17.02.2021 - We are now starting to invite patients in an at risk group.  This will be via a text message containing a link or a phone call from Procare Health Ltd.  To view a list of who is eligible in this group please click here (opens in new window).

UPDATED 15.02.2021 - We are continuing to send booking links by text message to patients who have not yet been invited to receive their Covid vaccination.   In addition, patients who do not have a mobile phone will soon be contacted by Procare Health Ltd - this is the GP Federation who are managing the vaccination program locally; please do book in for your jab if you receive a phone call.  You can still book in to one of the larger centres if you receive an invitation letter from NHSE.

We are finishing inviting out patients aged 65 and over and those who are shielding and we should move on to the "at risk" groups soon.

We have received some queries from asthmatic patients enquiring whether they can be vaccinated in the "at risk" cohort - the JCVI have stipulated that patients with "severe asthma" are eligible for the jab.  More information about this can be found on the asthma UK website by clicking here.

UPDATED 12.02.2021 - We are continuing to contact patients aged 65 and over.  We are now starting to send out text messages to eligible patients which contains a link that allows you to book to have your jab at Cranleigh Village Hall or G-Live. 

There have been reports of scam text messages and emails - the text we are sending will start with the following words:

"You are invited to book your first COVID-19 vaccination on behalf of your GP Practice, Binscombe Medical Centre........."  When you click on the link you will be taken to the booking system to book an appointment at a time to suit you.

We will continue to contact patients who do not have a mobile phone number in their records.

UPDATED 09.02.2021 - If you are aged 70 and over or if you have been advised to shield, and you have not yet been vaccinated, you can contact the NHS directly to book an appointment.  You should do this online, by visiting  If you do not have access to the internet, you can call 119 free of charge.  At the moment this is for patients aged 70 and over.  Please do not call this number if you fall outside of these groups; we will continue to contact patients in group 5 (65-69 year old's).  

UPDATED 08.02.2021 - both Cranleigh and G-Live centres are open today despite the snow!   

We have been given approval to start booking appointments for patients who are aged 65-69 and we are starting to make these phone calls.  We have now invited all patients aged 70 and over or shielding, and we have written to those we haven't been able to contact over the phone.  We don't have any news about booking for the second vaccine yet, but expect to have an update soon.

UPDATED 05.02.2021 - we are continuing to invite patients aged 70 and over as well as shielding patients.  We have already invited over 80% of this group and hope to have contacted everyone by the start of next week.


UPDATED 04.02.2021 - we have asked for an update regarding the second dose vaccination.  At present there is no news  although the CCG are in discussion with NHSE.  We do not know whether the practice will be contacting patients or if this will be done centrally.  As soon as we have more information we will update this page.


UPDATED 02.02.2021 - we are now inviting patients aged 70 and over as well as shielding patients.  IF YOU ARE AGED 75 OR ABOVE AND HAVE NOT BEEN CONTACTED YET, PLEASE CALL RECEPTION

UPDATED 01.02.2021 -  if you are a Health or Social Care worker, please click here to find out how to be vaccinated.

UPDATED 23.01.2021 - This weekend, we are vaccinating some of our housebound patients.  We are starting with those aged 75 and over.  This requires careful planning as each vial contains a set number of doses and these must all be used within a certain time period.  We therefore need to make sure we are able to visit enough patients so as not to waste any vaccine.  We are aware there are still some housebound patients that need the vaccine and we will contact these people as soon as we know more.

UPDATED 18.01.2021 - we have been helping to vaccinate patients in the care homes we look after this weekend.  Most of the residents and staff have now received the vaccination.