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Binscombe Nursing Team

Our nursing team comprises of 5 Registered Nurses and 2 Health Care Assistants.

Our Registered Nurses skills include: assessing and managing wounds, Child Immunisations, Women’s Health, Ear irrigation, Travel advice and injections, routine and therapeutic injections, as well as general health advice.

We also mentor Student Nurses on placements at the Practice

The Practice Nurse Team can be contacted via the medical advice contact form on our home page or by phoning the surgery. We are always happy to answer queries and give advice as appropriate.
Sister Pippa Large
Team Leader

Southampton University School of Nursing and Midwifery 1993, joined the Binscombe team in 1996

Pippa runs the Asthma Clinic and can also support patients with other respiratory conditions. Other specialist interests include: Family Planning, Minor illness and Injuries

Usual working days Mon, Tues, Thursday and Friday

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Sister Lottie Brown


University of Surrey 2016, joined the Binscombe team in 2017

Lottie runs our Diabetic clinic alongside Dr Peter O’Donnell. She is also trained to give smoking cessation advice

Usual work days: Monday to Friday

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Sister Jess Cheeseman

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Sister Amber Goolding

Health Care Assistants

Our Health Care Assistants perform blood tests, blood pressure checks, Anticoagulation monitoring and NHS Health Checks

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Carolyn Dawkins


Joined the Binscombe Team in 2014

Carolyn coordinates our Anticoagulation Monitoring for patients on warfarin and DOACs. Carolyn also provides Health Checks for our patients with learning disabilities and severe mental illness, is able to administer the Flu and Pneumonia vaccinations, offer stop smoking advice and assists with the Family Planning Clinics.

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Joss Rowlands

Joss is an experienced healthcare assistant who does regular phlebotomy clinics as well as performing ECGs (heart traces) and ear syringing

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