Practice Manager

Miss Emma Phillips

Our practice manager is responsible for the day to day management of the practice. Please contact her if you have any questions, suggestions or complaints about the practice

Practice Nurses

Pippa Large RGN


Pippa is our nurse team leader. She has special interests in both asthma and family planning, and runs our asthma clinic.


Usual work days: Monday (am); Thursday; Friday (am)

Sara Howell RGN


Sara has a special interest in respiratory disease, especially Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, and performs most of the breathing tests for patients with lung problems.


Usual work days: Monday (pm); Tuesday; Friday (am)

Lottie Brown


Lottie will be doing the full range of general practice nursing, as well as working alongside Dr O'Donnell in the diabetes clinic.


Usual work days: Monday to Friday

Claire Bales


Claire works with Dr Walker in the Minor Operations Clinic as well as general practice nursing


Usual work days: Wednesday (am)

Health Care Assistants

Carolyn Dawkins


Carolyn performs a range of work as a healthcare assistant including health checks, blood pressure checks and INR testing for patients on warfarin


Usual work days: Monday (pm); Wednesday (pm)

Lisa Baker


Lisa has been with the practice since October 2018.  She works as a Healthcare Assistant performing blood tests, blood pressure checks & NHS health checks


Usual work days: Monday (AM), Tuesday (AM), Wednesday (AM), Thursday (all day), Friday (PM)