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At Binscombe we offer the full range of GP services to young people. As well as all the usual illnesses that you might want to see us about, this includes things like contraception advice, advice about diet and food issues, and a chance to talk to someone if you are finding things tough at the moment.

Do I have to bring an adult with me to see the doctor?

No you don't. If you are under 16 it is usually best to come with an adult, but we are happy to see young people on their own if you would prefer that.


Sometimes if you come with an adult we might ask them to wait outside for part of the appointment so you have a chance to talk without them there.

What about confidentiality?

Like all doctors, we treat this very seriously at Binscombe and anything you say to the doctor is strictly between you and will not be passed on to your parents. This includes things like smoking, drinking and sexual issues. The only, very rare exception to this would be if we felt that either your life, or the life of another person, was seriously in danger if we did not tell someone. This is the same as for adults.

Can I go anywhere else for health or contraception advice?

Yes. There are other clinics which are freely available for young people and

where you can go without your doctor being involved at all. These clinics are

for Family Planning (contraception) and Sexual Health (advice concerning

sexually transmitted diseases. Follow the links below for more details:


Family Planning Clinics in Surrey


Other Sexual Health Clinics in Surrey

Healthy Surrey website has information on services which are freely available for young people and where you can go without your doctor being involved at all. These clinics are for Family Planning (contraception, emergency contraception, condoms) and Sexual Health (advice, testing and treatments concerning sexually transmitted diseases). 

Pregnancy Choices Directory is a website that offers links to free, confidential and non-judgemental help  for those facing unplanned pregnancy, abortion, or miscarriage. 

Mental health and wellbeing support

Kooth offers online mental wellbeing support from 10 year olds upwards, including a virtual chat with a trained member of the team. 

CYP Haven is a safe place in Guildford to go if you are upset. They are available every weekday 4-8.30pm and weekends 12-6pm on 07773 008435. 


Surrey Youth Counselling Service offers counselling for 12-24 year olds for anything that is worrying you. Call 0345 600 2516 to self-refer. 


Youth Counselling at the YMCA you can self refer if you want to talk to someone in person, or online

Catch 22 helps young people in tough situations. Their services cover a wide range of difficulties including emotional wellbeing, employablility and substance misuse

ThinkNinja is designed for 10-18 year olds to support you to learn about  mental health and emotional wellbeing, and develop skills they can use to build resilience and stay well. 

Jigsaw South East can support those facing loss of a loved one. 


Sexual abuse

solace is a sexual assault referral centre where you can talk in total confidence. A Crisis Worker will listen to what happened and can talk through options available. They can offer a medical examination, store forensic samples (in case you want to report it to the police at a later point), sexual health treatment, emergency contraception, counselling and practical support. Contact them on 0800 970 9952 (24/7). 

RASASC (Rape and Sexual Abuse Support Centre) offers free and confidential support, including helpline, counselling, independent sexual violence advisor, and group support on 01483 546400 (7.30-9.30pm, Tues/Wed as of 1 Aug ‘20).

Domestic abuse: we have more information on our Wellbeing and Mental Health Support page.   

Other useful resources


Skillway offers practical help and training for young people aged 12-17.