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Patient Leaflets and Downloads


Blood Pressure Leaflets and health advice
NHS Timelines
Sugar - understanding Glycaemic Index

Glycaemic Index and Diabetes

Glycaemic Index and Weight Loss

Glycaemic Index and Reactive Hypoglycaemia

Glycaemic Index Food List Please note there is a minor error on this PDF from Dark chocolate should read > 70% cocoa solids, not < 70%

Diabetes Food Fact Advice Sheet

Vaccination Information Leaflets
Other Health Information


Baby Essentials - great advice for new parents

Carer's Information Pack

Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Dietary Information Sheet

Melanoma and skin cancer - how to keep an eye on moles

Self-care - how to get the care for your health when you don't need a doctor/getting the best out of your pharmacy

Ear Care Advice

Binscombe Dental Policy - what to do if you have dental pain or an infection

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