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GP Chaplain

In February 2021 we welcomed Annie Cox, GP Chaplain, to Binscombe. Annie works at Binscombe on Friday afternoons and is able to see people face to face at the practice as a listening ear and for both spiritual and pastoral support.

What is the idea behind a chaplain working in general practice?


Western medicine places most of its emphasis on the diagnosis and treatment of physical and psychological illness, and rightly so, since this is very important. We are all much more than just a list of diagnoses, however, and holistic care where we consider the whole person, mind body and soul, is what primary care is all about. The idea behind a chaplain working within the practice team is that the role is freer from the usual expectations we might have when seeing a doctor, a nurse or a counsellor. A chaplain is not there to try to fix us, but to listen, to care, and where we would like it, to offer spiritual support and even to pray for us or with us. 

Who can see the chaplain?

Although Annie's work is under the umbrella of the Guildford Town Centre Chaplaincy, which is a Christian organisation, she is very happy to see people of all faiths and none. The idea is to allow an environment where people can talk about spiritual and pastoral aspects of their lives in the broadest way rather than to promote the Christian faith. Annie is happy to see anyone aged 18 and over, and can see people on their own or with members of their family. 

How do I arrange to see the chaplain? 

You can simply make an appointment by calling reception in the same way you would make an appointment with any member of the team. This could be face to face or you could ask for a telephone call, although Annie would prefer to see people face to face if possible.

When will the chaplain be available?

Annie will be working on Friday afternoons.

Annie Cox.jpg

Annie Cox is our volunteer Chaplain. She has a nursing and pastoral background and offers time and space to listen to anyone who would like an opportunity to talk, in confidence, about any concerns or anxieties they may have.


Annie lives in Guildford, has a grown-up family and grandchildren, and works part time in a Hospice.

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