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Mental Health Resources

Self Referral for NHS Counselling and Psychology


Binscombe patients, as well as anyone registered in a practice in the Guildford and Waverley area, can now self-refer for psychological therapies including treatments such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or Counselling. This is free as part of the NHS and available treatments include face-to-face, telephone or on-line and can be as an individual or part of a group. The service is for adults only, as there is a separate service for people aged under 18, and referral for this is through the GP. Follow this link for more details, and for information about how to refer yourself.

The Cellar Cafe 

The 'little cafe with a big heart'. The Cellar Cafe is a warm and welcoming place on Godalming High Street and  welcome to anyone, especially those who may have problems with their mental health, or learning difficulties. Follow this link to find out more, or if you would like to support this work through becoming a Friend of the Cellar.


The Mental Elf

A great, evidence-based and reliable blog on all things to do with mental health


Drug and Alcohol Services in Guildford

There is a range of drug and alcohol services that can provide information and support for both drug and alcohol-related problems. You can contact these services direct without needing a referral from your GP, or you may want to discuss them with your GP.


Catalyst (formerly known as SADAS)

14 Jenner Road, Guildford, GU1 3PL

01483 590150



Laurel House, Farnham Road Hospital, Guildford, GU2 7LX


Catch 22 Support for young people

020 7336 4800

Doc Martin GP.PNG

Check out DocMartin's mental health videos

One of our GPs, Dr Martin Brunet, posts regular videos on Instagram on a range of mental health topics including anxiety, panic, burnout and more. You can take a look by following the image to the left, or clicking on this link.

Fear of flying policy - a sedative such as diazepam may seem like a good idea for fear of flying, but current best advice is not to use this. Please read our policy to understand why. 

Selected Blog Posts relevant to mental health


Hypochondria, a word desperately in need of a make-over - A post about the hige challenge of health anxiety


On pacing spoons and resolving to do less - how do we avoid burnout?


Antidepressants and the long shadow of stigma - are we prescribing too many antidepressants, or does the media just like to make us feel bad about them?


Other posts realting to mental health

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