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Online access update

It has now been over 6 months since we changed to our new online forms for when you would like to get in touch with the practice via your computer rather than via the phone. We are very grateful to our patients for managing this change; it is working really well at our end with the integration to the medical record being a tremendous advantage over our old system of using email.

For the period of transition we have still been checking the old email and sending a response to point people to the new system, but we are glad to say that we get very few emails from patients now and so we will now be closing this email entirely. If you do use the email by mistake then you will receive an 'undelivered mail' response.

If you want to use one of the new forms they are on the home page of our website and can be used for when you want to seek medical advice which is not an emergency, or for administration support, like requesting a sick note or a list of your immunisations, or to inform us of a change of address for instance. For prescriptions the best online access by far is to use the NHS App, or register for Patient Access if you would rather use a PC than a phone.


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