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Stunning new photos for our waiting room screen

A few years ago we changed the whole outlook of our waiting room. We wanted to make it a calmer, more uplifting environment and so we took down all the posters and replaced them with beautiful art work and photography. We still have some health information on our waiting room screen, but even here we have interspersed he informative slides with photography so that you won't feel constantly bombarded with health advice!

We are delighted that local photographer, David Hughes has very kindly sent us some of his truly stunning photographs with permission to use them on our waiting room screen, and so many of his wildlife and landscape photographs are giving the screen a new look that we are sure you will all enjoy! Please don't make an appointment just so you can see his work (!) but do look out for it if ever you are in the waiting room. We love all of them, but have a particular soft spot for his kingfishers and an ermine in full flight across the snow!


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