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Online Consulting is Here

We have been working hard to make it easier for patients to access the practice when they need to, not just during the current situation with COVID-19, but also for the longer term.

We have created a new look for the home page of the practice website and you can now follow the links to ask for advice from a doctor or nurse, or contact reception. This means you can make contact at a time that suits you, and take your time to tell us what you think we need to know about your situation. You can also use the form on behalf of someone else (for instance, a child or an elderly relative), provided they are registered with us. You can submit the contact form at any time of day or night, but do bear in mind that we will only receive your submission once the practice is open. Obviously, please don't use the form for emergencies.

You can tell us how urgently you feel you need a response, since for non-urgent matters you might prefer to wait for your own GP to respond. When you have a more pressing medical problem we will try to respond the same day, and you can also ask for a response within 4 hours as long as you e mail BEFORE 4pm. If you think that 'within 4 hours' is not quick enough for the symptoms you are experiencing then please phone the practice instead to arrange a more urgent appointment.

Once you have submitted the form the reception team will either pass the form to a doctor who will get in touch with you, or will make an appointment (currently for a telephone call in the first instance due to the situation with COVID 19) and will let you know the time and date of the appointment so that you know what is happening and can get back to us if there is a problem with this. This will usually be by text or e mail.

This is a new system for us, and no doubt will evolve over time. It won't suit everyone, but we hope it will be a real alternative that some people will prefer to phoning the practice for an appointment. We would be very interested to hear feedback about what works well and what we might want to consider changing.

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