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A Message from Dr Cook - The Cateran Yomp

Some of you may know I spent 6 years in the Army before joining Binscombe in 1994. Feeling the urge for challenge I have signed up for The Cateran Yomp, a route which follows a gruelling cattle rustlers trail in and around the Cairngorm mountains in Scotland.

The hope is to complete the 54-mile trek in less than 24 hours on 3rd June, with the aim of raising money for The Soldiers Charity which supports military veterans and their families who find themselves in difficulty.

With just weeks to go, training is underway, and I am making friends with my blisters, having never been so focused on footwear and footcare in my life.

I would appreciate any sponsorship you may be able to offer towards this good cause and please give me a wave if we happen to cross paths in the coming weeks up in the Surrey Hills.


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