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Struggling With Hay Fever?

A lot of our patients are struggling with hay fever symptoms at the moment.

If you are suffering with hay fever, your pharmacist will be able to offer a variety of over-the-counter medication, including options suitable for children. There is also a lot of advice available online at Hay fever - NHS (

The most effective treatment is a combination of an oral antihistamine, an allergy nasal spray and allergy eye drops containing Sodium Cromoglicate, all of which are available from the pharmacy.

There are other things you can do to ease your symptoms, especially when the pollen count is high. These include popping some Vaseline under your nose to trap the pollen, avoiding mowing the lawn or walking on cut grass, and not drying your washing outside. You can find more tips at Hay Fever | Allergy UK | National Charity

We understand that hay fever can make you feel miserable and can be particularly unpleasant for young children. Please contact your pharmacist in the first instance – they will be able to help. However, if after a few days, over-the-counter therapy is not improving your symptoms, or if they are getting worse, please contact your GP.


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