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Covid-19 Passport Scam

Please be aware there are various scams currently circulating regarding Covid-19 Passports. A current one is sent via email and appears to be from ‘The NHS website’ with the subject of ‘important – OFFICIAL Invitation for you Covid-19 Passport – UK…’

Please be very cautious when opening any email claiming to be about Covid-19 Passports and always double check the sender’s identity. You will not be asked by the NHS to pay for an NHS Covid Pass.

If you have had both vaccines in the UK, you can access the NHS Covid Pass either digitally via the NHS App or by calling 119 and requesting a paper version.

At the moment vaccines administered overseas cannot be recorded in the UK vaccine system so no vaccine certificate is currently available from the NHS for these patients. Therefore, if a patient has had one or both of their covid vaccines overseas, they will not be able to obtain a COVID pass via the NHS App or the paper version at present.

If a patient was vaccinated overseas and they require proof of their vaccine, they will need to get proof from the country where they were vaccinated.

More information for patients can be found on the Surrey Heartlands Coronavirus Vaccination website.


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