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Covid-19 Vaccination Update

We are continuing to book our patients into local vaccination centres; the information below will confirm which groups we are currently offering appointments to:

UPDATED 02.02.2021 - we are now inviting patients aged 70 and over as well as shielding patients.

Patients aged 80 and over – the majority of this group have either had their first vaccination or are booked to have it in the next few days. We have tried to contact everyone over the phone in the first instance and we've now written to any patients in this age group who we were unable to get hold of. IF YOU OR A RELATIVE IS IN THE 80+ GROUP AND HAVE NOT BEEN CONTACTED PLEASE CALL RECEPTION ON 01483 415115 so we can book an appointment for you.

Please note that we are aware of a group of housebound patients and we are in the process of arranging their vaccinations.

Patients aged between 75 and 79 – we are in the process of inviting this group of patients. We have contacted all shielding patients in this age group and the majority are booked in. We are working through the remaining list of patients in this group and WE WILL CONTACT YOU within the next few days to book your appointment.

Patients who are under 75 and are shielding will also be contacted in the next week or so.

We will then contact patients aged between 70 and 74 before moving down the age groups in order.

If you have received a letter from NHS England inviting you to book an appointment, you should be able to follow the link provided to book at one of the central hubs; if these are not suitable please contact us for advice.

All of the team at Binscombe would like to thank you for your patience during this process.


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