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Farncombe Community Garden is happening! Public Meeting on Sunday 20th March at 3pm

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We are delighted to say that we have made fantastic progress with the garden project in the last couple of months and are now ready to invite you to a public meeting on Sunday 20th March at 3pm, where we will present the latest news about the project, be able to visit the site for everyone to take a look around and start mobilising our efforts as we finally get gardening!

The meeting will be held at Farncombe Wanderers Cricket Club, Summers Road, Farncombe GU7 3BH which is the wooden pavilion right in front of the Leisure Centre (just remember that there are two cricket clubs on the green - the other club is called Farncombe Cricket Club and is the other end of the green away from the leisure centre). This is where we held our previous public meeting all those years ago.

The meeting is open to anyone who would like to hear more about the project or to get involved, so please do spread the word.

The latest developments come from working very closely with Surrey County Council who own the land and have developed two documents with us. One is a statement of intent to lease the land to us (which helps with our charitable status application and grant applications) and the other is a Tenancy at Will, which allows us to be the legal occupants of the land and means we can start gardening!! This means we can start to create the community we have been dreaming of forming for such a long time. There will be limits on what we can do while we get planning approval, but it is exciting to reach this stage.

At the meeting we will present the latest updates on the project and have plenty of time to ask and answer questions. Since the cricket club is only across the road from the garden site we will also be able to cross over the road to visit the site so that everyone can have a look around. The ground might still be quite wet, and it is certainly uneven, so please wear suitable footwear and warm clothes for this. We will also be asking people to confirm how they might like to be involved, especially in areas such as volunteering to help run a regular session once the garden is open, help with developing a website and social media presence, help with fundraising, and more!

We all hope you can come to the meeting, although if you can’t come then please don’t worry, we will keep you informed and there will be plenty of opportunity to hear about the project and come along in the coming months.


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