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Flu Vaccinations 2023

This week we started inviting eligible patients to attend for their flu jab. We have to do this in batches in order not to overload the system, and we also have to take into account the number of vaccines we have in stock.

Our first flu clinic is nearly full so we won't be sending out any more invitations until our next delivery arrives. This is due at the start of October and once the vaccine is in our possession we will set up another clinic and send invitations out to those who have not yet been invited.

Limited storage space means we have to order our stock in separate batches and, having experienced delivery issues in the past (that have led to the cancellation of clinics at short notice) we now wait until we physically have the stock in the practice before publishing our clinic dates and making them available for booking.

If you have not yet been invited for your flu jab, please do not worry. You will receive a text with a booking link as soon as we set up our next clinic.

If you are coming into the surgery for an appointment, we may be able to give you the flu jab whilst you are here. Please check with the clinician when you attend.


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