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Get Help Via Our Website - all you need to know!

One of the most efficient ways to get in touch with us is via our website. If you need help for a medical problem (that isn’t an emergency) or if you have an admin query, you can quickly and easily submit an online contact form via our website or the NHS App.

Online consulting allows us to assess your needs so we can plan the safest and most appropriate management. The details you provide allow us to assess how we can best help you, and we can quickly and easily forward your query to the most relevant person in the surgery.

Online consulting is also very convenient – you can ask for advice without having to queue on the phone or wait for an appointment in advance that may not actually be required. You can complete the form from the comfort of your own home, on a break from work or even on the train home. You can also add photographs to the form before you submit.

We can help with both clinical and administrative queries. Some cases are very suitable for a simple text conversation between doctor and patient, which is very efficient for both doctor and patient, but we are always happy to talk on the telephone or make a face to face appointment when this is preferable.

If you want to manage your condition without contacting the surgery, our website offers trusted medical advice, linking you to NHS advice and guidance on conditions, symptoms and treatments. The platform can also guide you towards relevant local services such as pharmacy support which may be more appropriate than visiting the surgery.

Admin queries can be submitted online at any time, although the ability to submit a medical query will switch off at 6pm on a Friday and reopen at 6pm on a Sunday. Outside of these times you can still self-manage your condition via the website, and should call 111 if you are unwell and need medical assistance, or visit A&E or call 999 if it is an emergency.

During opening hours, your request will be read up until 4pm. Requests received after this time may not be viewed until the following morning so you should always ring the surgery if your request is of an urgent nature that needs dealing with that day.

To submit a request online please visit our Home Page where you can follow the picture of the stethoscope to submit a medical query or the i icon (see below) for help from the admin team.

We are still accepting queries via the telephone, but since the online forms are much more efficient for both us and our patients, we would encourage you to try it out the next time you need to contact us.

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