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Help to look after our planet with how you dispose of your inhalers

Even empty inhalers still contain powerful greenhouse gases which will leak into the environment when they are disposed of in landfill. To stop this happening, please return any unwanted or finished inhalers to a pharmacy so that they can dispose of them in a way that destroys the greenhouse gases.

Every little helps if we all do the right thing so there is a great campaign for better disposal of inhalers.

Take a look at the file below for more details.

INFO FOR PATIENTS - Inhaler Disposal
Download PDF • 107KB

If you are on an inhaler with a propellant you might also want to ask about whether you would be suitable for a dry powder inhaler when you have your next asthma review. These are not for everyone, so don't make any changes without speaking to a nurse or a doctor about it, but it might be just the right thing for you and better for the planet too!


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