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Online Consultation and Email Changes - UPDATE

A while ago, we told you that we were planning to improve the ways in which our patients can contact us.

We will be launching the new online consulting system “accuRx Triage” on Tuesday 2nd November. Patients will still be able to contact us via our website which links to the accuRx triage web form, which is simple to complete and very similar to our current form. As we normally don’t process forms received after 2pm until the following day, we will switch to the new system after 2pm on Monday 1st November.

At the same time we will be discontinuing use of our email address. This email address will no longer be monitored and any emails that we do receive will be sent an automatic reply asking them to use the website to contact us instead.

Changing to this new system has a lot of advantages for both us and our patients; you can read more about this in the original post by clicking this link: Online consulting is evolving (


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