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Sad News

We are very sad to share the tragic news of the death of our friend and colleague, Caroline Lambert, who died on Saturday 12th November after becoming suddenly and unexpectedly unwell a few days before.

Caroline worked as our Community Matron and was part of the community nursing team for well over 20 years, caring for patients from Binscombe as well as other local practices. In this role, Caroline cared for countless frail, elderly and vulnerable patients in our community; her unique combination of deep compassion, clear thinking, gentle humour and practical common sense made her a truly outstanding nurse.

As a leader in end of life care, she supported so many people in the last days of their life, ensuring the highest standards in palliative care and building remarkable relationships with her patients and their families in the process.

She has been so much part of the fabric of our team at Binscombe that we are finding it hard to imagine being without her and will miss her enormously. We wanted to let our patients know this sad news as we are sure that many of you will have been touched by her care. Our thoughts and prayers are especially with her family at this sad time.


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