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We wanted to let our patients know how Covid is affecting us locally, more specifically how it is affecting our patients.

It is really important that you are vaccinated as it helps stop the spread of Covid and protects those who are most vulnerable, including those who cannot be vaccinated.

The data below is taken from a 5 week period (1st November - 7th December) and demonstrates that Covid is still prevalent in the community. It also shows that whilst the vaccines do not give full immunity, the majority of patients who had received their booster vaccination were not affected.

184 of our patients over the age of 12 tested positive for Covid

35 were not vaccinated

19 had received their booster. 12 of these patients tested positive within 3 weeks of having the booster jab, meaning they would not have reached full immunity when they were infected

An additional 60 patients under 12 also tested positive

In total, 2.2% of our patients have tested positive in the past 5 weeks.

Of the 184 patients aged over 12, the breakdown of age groups with positive test results is as follows:

Aged 12-19 - 21.5%
Aged 20-29 - 8%
Aged 30-39 - 15.5%
Aged 40-49 - 31%
Aged 50-59 - 15.5%
Aged 60-69 - 7%
Aged 70-79 - 0.5%
Aged 80+ - 1%

To date 21% of eligible patients have received 2 doses of the Covid vaccine and 60% have received the booster or a third dose. This doesn't include patients aged under 40 as not all of this group have received their invitation yet.

If you are eligible to be vaccinated or to receive the booster, please don't delay. You can book now via 119 or by calling the Procare Health booking line. PLEASE DO NOT CALL THE SURGERY TO BOOK. Please visit our Covid Vaccination Information page to check whether you are currently eligible to be vaccinated or to have the booster:


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