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How we dispose of used inhalers really matters

Most inhalers have a gas propellant which contains greenhouse gasses. Even when the canister is empty there are still significant amounts of these gases present. The gases can be neutralised by being disposed of properly, while if they end up in landfill they will slowly escape into the atmosphere. The best way to dispose of your inhalers and help the planet is to return them to the pharmacy for safe disposal.

Some inhaler brands have less gas in them than others, meaning they are better for the environment, and so your doctor or nurse may suggest changing brand for environmental reasons. When we discuss this idea with patients, there is overwhelming support for the idea that we should all do what we can to help our planet. Some inhalers, called dry powder inhalers, have no gas at all, and so have even less environmental impact. These are not for everyone as the inhaler technique is very different, but you might like to ask about this at your next asthma review.

INFO FOR PATIENTS - Inhaler Disposal
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