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The Farncombe Initiative

The Farncombe Initiative was established in 2013 to help improve the environment and establish a sense of local community. As a practice, we are increasingly aware of the benefits of building community and have really enjoyed starting to get involved in projects, such as Walking for Health, and the Godalming Art Space. Our most ambitious project, to set up a community garden in Farncombe, is taking time to get some important issues right - such as funding and lease arrangements - but remains very much on our agenda. For anything that we get involved in locally, it will always be vital to have the support of the community and it has been exciting to start making links with the Farncombe Initiative as we have found so much common ground in a desire to see our community thrive. If you want to get involved with the Farncombe Initiative, or learn more about it, there is an excellent leaflet here.

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