Walking for Health and Art Space Cancelled until further notice

You will not be surprised to hear that both our walking for health group and the Godalming Art Space have had to be cancelled for the time being. We will repost here as soon as it is recommended that such activities are safe to recommence. In the meantime, it is still acceptable at the moment to go for a walk in order to keep fit, but please avoid mixing with people when you do this - it is better to go for a walk on your own, or with someone you live with or need to be in regular contact with if you live on your own, and do avoid even slightly crowded places or getting close to people you may meet on the way. And if you are trapped in your home, why not get creative? Sir Isaac Newton had to

Looking after yourself if you are unwell with diabetes

If you have diabetes then things are more complicated if you become unwell , especially if you are on insulin - should you give yourself more insulin because your body will need more when you are unwell, or less because you are not eating? How often should you monitor? What should you do if your sugars go too high? How do you know when to seek help. Our local diabetes clinic at the Cedar Centre has produced some excellent leaflets for people with diabetes that can help here, and they apply whether you are unwell with any short term illness, whether it is COVID-19, or something like norovirus. There are different leaflets for different situations: Type 1 diabetes: If you are on insulin inject

Covid-19: Staying Well With Long-Term Health Conditions

Many of our patients have long standing health issues such as diabetes, asthma , COPD and heart or kidney conditions. We have sourced some information about these conditions that you may find useful in light of the current situation regarding Covid-19. Please click on the relevant links below to find out more: Diabetes: https://www.diabetes.org.uk/about_us/news/coronavirus Respiratory conditions such as Asthma and COPD: https://www.brit-thoracic.org.uk/about-us/covid-19-resources-for-people-with-lung-disease/ Heart Disease: https://www.bhf.org.uk/informationsupport/heart-matters-magazine/news/coronavirus-and-your-health Kidney Disease: https://www.kidneycareuk.org/news-and-campaigns/coronav

Advice re Social Distancing

This page contains information on "social distancing". For information regarding self-isolation please click here. Am I Affected? The government advice is that those who are at increased risk of severe illness from Covid-19 should be particularly stringent in following social distancing measures. This group includes those who are: aged 70 or older (regardless of medical conditions) under 70 with an underlying health condition listed below (ie anyone instructed to get a flu jab as an adult each year on medical grounds): chronic (long-term) respiratory diseases, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema or bronchitis chronic heart disease, such as heart failure c

Advice re: Self-Isolation

This page contains information on what you should do if you or a member of your household have symptoms and need to self-isolate. For information regarding "social distancing" for vulnerable people please click here. Anyone who has a new, continuous cough or a fever has been asked to self-isolate along with all members of the same household. The guidance states that anyone with symptoms should stay at home for at least 7 days and that other people in the same household should stay at home for at least 14 days - this will avoid spreading the infection outside the home. If you live alone and develop symptoms you should stay at home for 7 days. If you live with others, everyone in the househol

Covid-19 - What Are We Doing?

We are making some changes in light of recent government advice regarding Covid-19. In order to reduce transmission of the virus in the community we are going to be conducting appointments over the telephone or by video as much as possible. For this reason, reception staff will initially offer a booked telephone appointment with a timed slot when the doctor will call you back. If you feel you should be seen in a face to face appointment this is still possible. The receptionist will book a provisional appointment but the doctor will call you beforehand to make sure this is the right appointment for you and to ask about any symptoms of cough or fever in the household. If you do have symptoms

Walking for Health this week still happening (COVID 19 update)

Since Walking for Health is an outdoor activity we are still able to hold the walks at the moment, although there will not be a plan to all go into the leisure centre which would mean meeting indoors. Clearly people can still go for a coffee themselves if they would like to! And obviously, please stay away if you should be self-isolating. We will let you know if walks have to be cancelled in future.

Godalming Art Space Cancelled this Month

Art Space was due to take place this Saturday, 14th March, but in conjunction with the church we have decided to cancel this month's Art Space in the light of COVID-19. Although there is no formal recommendation to cancel events like this, since it is non-essential and not disruptive to people to cancel, it seemed prudent not to meet in order to contribute to the advice about social distancing in order to reduce spread of the virus. The next Art Space is in early April and so we will decide on that date nearer the time, but do check the website for an update before going.

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